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Jun 22

Rocket Update Guide


The new Rocket Update Guide is up! You can use this guide to upgrade your Rocket from v.2 to v.3!

Mar 3

Help overhauled to be more helpful :)

Mobile Manager Classroom Orchestrator Release Note

Help overhauled to be more helpful 🙂
Release notes, guided step-by-step walkthroughs, searchable Community site, and more–all accessible in Launch, Mobile Manager, and Classroom Orchestrator’s overhauled Help. Read all about it or see for yourself.

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Jan 28

New post on Lightspeed Systems and the Prevent Duty

Web Filter 3 Knowledgebase

Learn how Lightspeed Systems helps schools comply with the Prevent duty.

Dec 9

Post “General” posted on 2015-01-28 17:03:41

Mobile Manager Documentation

Admins and staff can now deploy an iOS update request to DEP enrolled iOS 9.0+ devices at or below the group level. Navigate to Organization / School / Group / Settings / General to see this new feature.

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Nov 25

Classroom Orchestrator now supports broadcasting to Windows devices

Classroom Orchestrator Release Note

With Windows Broadcast, an instructor can push their screen to group members’ Windows browsers, automatically opening the URL in the default browser with the Lightspeed Management Agent (2.2.0) or in a new tab on Chrome browsers. See release note.

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Nov 18

New Blog: 6 Signs You Need the Management Bundle for Windows

Bundle for Windows

New Blog: 6 Signs You Need the Management Bundle for Windows

You’ve heard the name, you’ve read the emails, you’ve seen the tweets. Everybody is talking about our Management Bundle for Windows. But is it for you? Here are six signs that you need the new Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows.

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Nov 13

Maintenance Advisory: Lightspeed Category Changes coming November 25, 2015

Web Filter 3 Release Note

Manage sites offering cloud storage and translations more effectively with new web filter categories, coming November 25, 2015

Nov 3

Device Geolocation (Windows 10+)

Mobile Manager Documentation

Easily track lost or stolen Windows 10 devices in Mobile Manager with Location Services.

Oct 26

Updating a Windows 10 Product Key

Mobile Manager Documentation

Found a great deal on Windows 10 Home devices? Use the “Update Product Key” in Mobile Manager to apply your existing Windows 10 licenses.

Oct 20

“Windows Defender Report” in Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager Documentation

New Windows Defender report available in Mobile Manager shows virus and malware infections on managed Windows devices.