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The 3 Most Exciting Things About the New School Year

It’s hard to believe the summer break is almost over; some schools are already back in session. For just about all our Lightspeed community, this means getting devices prepped and ready for the flood of students about to enter your doors. Ready…

Here’s How to Block Students From Using Psiphon, Ultrasurf and Hotspot Shield

Students have always sought ways to get around your school’s content filter – and we’ve always been a step ahead with innovative features to protect your users, your network, and your school. The latest feature in Lightspeed Systems Web Filter…

10 Tips to Customize Your K-12 School Web Filter

At the heart of our K-12 school web filter, Web Filter 3: Longhorn, is the adaptive AI database. Our Web Filter has a robot army and human team reviewing millions of URLs in our database each day, keeping students safe online. This means school IT teams…

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