SaaS Documentation Has Moved

Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom will no longer be updated on the Community Site and has moved to our Intercom Help Center. This move allows us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found at

Note: Longhorn/Web Filter documentation will continue to be available on the Community Site.

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Product Release Notes

Relay’s Device Detective has been updated. Enhancements Device Detective will now be sorted by the Last Seen At column. Surfacing devices that have recently been online will help districts prioritize finding assets that have a greater likelihood of being recovered. Need help…

April 6, 2020

Relay Classroom has been updated. Enhancements Disabling Bell Schedules in Relay > Classroom Rules will now disable any Web Rules set in classes that were previously using Bell Schedules. Disabling Custom Schedules in Relay > Classroom Rules will now disable any Web…

April 2, 2020

What’s New on Community

Join us for a series of webinars that highlight a few of Relay’s key features and real-world applications.

January 18, 2019

We’re excited to announce that our Admin Roles feature is now available for Relay and Mobile Manager. Check out our documentation to learn more.

November 29, 2018

Limitations of Firewall Filters for Remote Learning

Many districts have relied on their firewall for content filtering and reporting. While firewalls have never provided the granularity of a purpose-built web filter, they’ve been sufficient for some schools…until now. School closures, take-home devices, and remote learning all expose…

Relay Analytics remote learning report

Remote Reporting? What Schools Don’t Know About Remote Learning

With 90% of the world’s students out of the physical classroom, funds have been reallocated and plans quickly put in place to support remote learning. More school devices are in students’ homes than ever before. Teachers are beginning remote instruction…

remote filtering

Before Remote Learning, Schools Need Remote Filtering

Before virtual classes and video lectures and digital curriculum, schools need to think about the backend solution that's keeping students safe as they learn online: remote filtering.