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This is the My Big Campus administrator certification exam! Scoring 80% or higher will earn you the MBC Certified Administrator title -- and a fancy certificate.

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2. School is about to let out for summer break. Vacation is calling your name, but My Big Campus needs some housekeeping first. With decreased availability for school or district staff to monitor the site, which of the following are good options for dealing with student access over the break? Select all that apply.

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3. It looks like there was an error with your SIS import. Where should you look to find out more?

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4. To create a custom policy for user timeouts (i.e. a digital place users go when they misbehave), follow these steps:

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5. It’s the end of the school year, and Mrs. Blackwell is moving on to work at a neighboring school district. She wants to take all her data What should you do?

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6. Integration with which product allows users to log into My Big Campus with their network credentials.

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7. Integration with which product allows teachers to push apps, set “App Locks,” and more from within My Big Campus.

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8. Integration with which product unblocks content in the MBC Library that would otherwise be blocked.

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9. Integration with what automates the creation of users and groups.

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10. After the administrator enables it, this integration required the end-user to enable it as well.

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11. You want to encourage increased home communication. To set up the Parent Portal, you should… (Use the crosshairs cursor to drag and drop the items to the right spot in the list.)
  • Manage accounts in the Administration > Parents tab.
  • Allow parents to login. Their email address will be the username. Their password will be provided by the District.
  • Create a parents .CSV file with data from your SIS or manually create a file based on parent requests

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12. Put the steps for setting up your emergency contacts in order. (Use the crosshairs cursor to drag and drop the items to the right spot in the list.)
  • In the menu that appears, select Administration
  • Revisit your emergency contacts regularly
  • Click the Schools tab and select your school
  • In the navigation bar, select your name
  • In the menu that appears, select Emergency Contacts
  • Click Save
  • Click Add Contact for each incident type
  • Fill in the contact form

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13. Under what circumstance is it a reasonable to delete users?

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14. Pictures uploaded to My Big Campus are analyzed for potential nudity.

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15. Parents can create their own accounts in My Big Campus.

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16. Help resources include Bob Campus’ wall,, FAQs, the Orientation Center, and more.

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17. Administrators, teachers, and students all have different reasons for using My Big Campus.

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18. Turnitin integration is available through external tools. External tools are assigned as schoolwork within My Big Campus.

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19. SIS integration is so simple that it doesn’t even require any attention from administrators.

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20. There are two policy types: staff and students.

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21. Public blogs, public groups, and hosted websites are all ways to share information with parents, as alternatives or supplements to the Parent Portal.

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22. Once a user's post or file in My Big Campus has been deleted, the My Big Campus support staff will need to be contacted to retrieve it.

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