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Getting Started with Relay Classroom

Important info for Relay Classroom administrators.

Intro to Relay Classroom
How to manage and monitor internet access for your students.
Teacher Training
Give your teachers everything they need to be successful.
Relay Classroom FAQ
What to expect when making the transition to Relay Classroom.
Latest Release Note (October 14, 2019)

Relay Classroom has been updated. Enhancements Insights now show the time they were generated. This will enable teachers to determine whether an insight is old or new and use a student’s browsing history to find out what the student was[…]


Getting Started

Set up Relay Classroom for your teachers.


Manage users, groups and add more administrators.


Learn more about the Classroom interface and layout.

Class Controls

Class controls allow users to select their Internet Access Policy, lock/unlock screens, or share screens and URl's with their class.


Set class schedules and add students in Relay Classroom's settings.


Insights alert teachers to student activity that is off-task or violates the internet-access policy.

Student Activity

You can filter the Student Activity list or choose from two views while monitoring your classroom activity.

Student Information

View a student's open tabs, browsing history, recordings, or send them a private message.


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