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Getting Started
Learn how to get started with Relay.
Relay for Beginners
Learn everything you need to know about Relay.
Smart Agents
Deploying Relay for Chrome, Mac, Windows, and iOS.
Multi-OS Feature Chart
Learn everything you need to know about Relay.
Latest Release Note (July 19, 2018)

Relay Smart Agents (ver. 1.0.3) for Mac OS and Windows devices are available for automatic update. Enhancements Relay can retrieve user email addresses (via cached credentials) after a domain user logs in, off network. Local Mac user accounts can be[…]


Getting Started

Learn how to get started with Relay!


Relay Dashboard reports.


User information, type, group, and location.

Internet Access

Rules, Custom Allow List, Custom Block List, YouTube settings.

Audit Log

Log of Relay changes.

Device Detective

Lost or stolen device geolocation.


Blocking, Chrome Extension, Flagged Terms, User Management.


Blocked, Flagged, Overriden, Apps, Searches, YouTube.

Flagged Queue

Flagged terms queue.


Learn how to navigate Relay.

Smart Play

Smart YouTube video controls.

Threat Check

View the online (and offline) activity of high-risk students.

Smart Agents

Smart Agents power Relay for every device, here's everything you need to know about them


Your personalized launchpad to all Lightspeed products


Google and Google sites related settings.


ChromeOS and Chromebook settings, policies, and information


Tips and information just for the classroom


All your top questions, answered right here


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