Release Notes: Mobile Manager: October 12, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. Two new restrictions were added for iOS 11+, both of which have to do with teacher-created Apple Classroom groups. The first is Allow Classroom to lock to an app and lock the device without prompting and will bypass the prompt to lock a student device. The second is Automatically join Classroom classes without prompting and will bypass the prompt on the student device when getting added to Classroom groups.

Note: Neither of these restrictions apply to MDM-defined Classroom groups.

2. The full Enrollment URL is now displayed on the Enroll Device page for use when using it in Apple Configurator.


  • iOS devices on a version prior to iOS 11 will no longer prompt for permission to view the screen in Apple Classroom. Previously, the devices would prompt for permission.
  • Classroom profiles will be removed if Classroom is disabled and the user has no other Apple Classroom groups.
  • Subscribed Calendars will now properly send to shared devices. Previously, this would fail due to Apple not allowing the sending of password. The password is now bypassed when sent for shared devices.