Tips and Tricks

Want to become a Lightspeed superstar? Learn about all the ins and outs of our products with these simple tips and tricks.
Oct 24

Bulk Wiping Devices

New year, same devices? Check out our Mobile Managers ability to bulk wipe devices. Saving you time!

Oct 18

Filter Bypass Controls

Learn how Web Filter protects against filter bypass programs like Hostpotshield and Psiphon

Oct 10

Allowed Referrers

Seeing blocked images/videos on a Allowed site? Try using Allowed Referrers to allow this content without allowing a blocked site!

Sep 28

NPS score


Learn more about how we track our customer satisfaction with our Net Promotor Score!

Sep 19

iOS 11 proxy cert changes

Mobile Manager

Are you installing your Proxy certificates manually and updating to iOS 11? Click here to learn about how to trusted manually installed certificates in iOS11!

Sep 12

Apple Best Practices

Get the most out of your Mobile Manager! Check out our best practices article

Jun 20

Manage apps across your organization more easily with mass app deployments and updates

Mobile Manager

Select multiple apps and books to install at once for Managed Distribution. And under Reports look for App Updates. This will list any apps that have available updates at the current level and below.

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May 23

6 underground apps students hide, and you can block

Mobile Manager

If you’ve seen the eSchool News article about apps students are able to hide, you’ll be happy to learn your iOS devices can block them with Mobile Manager’s App Permissions. Learn how.

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May 23

Accomplish familiar Web Filter tasks with Relay


Relay for Chrome lets you control, filter, protect, and locate your Chromebook deployment with ease. Take a look at this resource and learn how to perform Web Filter functions in Relay.

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Apr 26

Organize apps in folders

Mobile Manager

You can determine the layout of students’ docks and home screens–including folders and the apps that can reside inside each–using Mobile Manager’s iOS Screen Layout under Settings at the organization level. Create multiple layouts, then apply them to the appropriate school or group. See full documentation and videos for creating and applying screen layouts.

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