SSL Explained
Migrating from Rocket to Relay
Options for Handling Google Searches
Allowing Google image CDN repositories for Staff – Web Filter
Parent/Child and Cluster Rocket – Best Practices
Deploying Certificates to Mozilla Firefox
Where Can I Find My Customer ID and Account Number?
Port Channeling
How To: Restrict Gmail Access to the District GAFE Domain
Lightspeed Systems Products and Windows 10 S
Transparent Proxy and SSL traffic Protection
Proxy Server Basics
FAQ – How does Lightspeed Protect Against Students Stopping Services
Web Filter 3 FAQ
Load Balancers and Speed Tests
Rocket Services Created
Transparent Proxy Load
Enabling Force Google Safe Search and Decode SSL Certificates
How to: Remove an SEU
Troubleshooting – High Memory Usage
Using Relay with a Network Filter
Proxy PAC Files
How to Unblock Instagram
How To Block Explicit Images in Bing
How to Unblock Snapchat
How to Unblock Pinterest for Certain Users and not for Others
How to Unblock Pinterest for All Users
How To: Add an SEU
YouTube Restricted Mode
How To: Allow/Block WhatsApp
How To: Allow and Block Websites
Web Filter Tips – Unblocking Content
How To: Block Pokemon Go
How to use Reports to Identify Blocked Sites
User Agents Basics
How To Unblock a Site for All Users
How Do I Set Up Mobile Filter?
Best Practice: Filtering for Translation Websites
Language Translations & Localization
How does Blocked for Review work?
Mobile Filter Features by OS
How does Lightspeed protect against malware?
How to Prevent Web Filters from Filtering Other Web Filters
Using a Forward Proxy on the Web Filter for Off-Network Filtering
How does the Web Filter Prioritize Global Filter Rules?
Lightspeed Systems Product Lifecycle Overview
How do I prevent users from using Google Drive to view inappropriate images?
Do I need to worry about Heartbleed with Lightspeed Systems solutions?
How to Upgrade Your Rocket for the July 2014 Categories Changes
What’s the warranty on my Rocket?
Does the Proxy Server Support X-Forward-For Headers?
How To: Allow individual Vimeo videos
Enabling Port Access
Selectively accessing Google Services
How to make an HR Report
Do I need to install the User Agent?
How are sites categorized?
What ports do I need to open?
How to selectively allow/block Google encrypted sites
Should I block the General category?
Three types of overrides
If I enable the proxy module will it affect other workstations not using the proxy?
Can the Rocket be used as both an inline and proxy web filter?
How to enable my Rocket as a Proxy Server
How to contact Lightspeed Systems Support
How to block iTunes Radio
How to create a local category
How to recategorize a web site
How to resize the columns on my web filter report
How to set up an IP range to bypass the Lightspeed Systems Rocket
How To: Inform Lightspeed Systems that a web site is miscategorized
How to block talk.google.com
What should I do if my Rocket is no longer filtering web traffic?
Why use CSV Imports?
Mapping SIS data
Upgrading from Rocket 2.10.x
OS/Browser-specific installation instructions