Launch Web Zones – Temporarily change Internet access rules for your class
Campus Library – Access Educational Resources
Connecting your Google Domain to Classroom Orchestrator and Syncing your Users
SIS Integration Basics
Web Zones in Launch
Launch Zones
Configuring a Windows Scheduled Task for “lssims.exe” Reports
Lightspeed Systems SIMS Export Utility
Running the LSsims Export Utility Application Report Setup
Why use CSV Imports?
Device Registration Portal: Add Devices by MAC
Lightspeed Dashboard: Scheduled Import
Mobile Manager Imports
Custom URL Step 2: Make sure the location of the CSV files is accessible to us over port 80
Mobile Manager: Decommission Devices by Serial Number (Organization Level)
Custom URL Step 1: Create a subdomain or folder on your web server that will host the CSV files
Mobile Manager: Mass Update Device Asset Tags (Organization Level)
Step 2: Configure your District and Schools for Rocket Integration
Step 1: Find your Rocket’s Network Share directory
Selecting your SIS Integration type
Lightspeed Dashboard: Validate SIS Files
Mobile Manager: Connect Users to Devices by SIS ID and S/N (Organization Level)
Lightspeed Dashboard: User Import
Mobile Manager: Mass Update Supervised iOS 8 Device Names (Organization Level)
Lightspeed Dashboard: Group Import
Lightspeed Dashboard: Manually Import Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Sync Now
Lightspeed Dashboard: Group Memberships Import
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Delete Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Disable Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Delete Groups
Lightspeed Dashboard: SIS Error Logs
Lightspeed Dashboard: Export SIS Files
Lightspeed Dashboard: Import SIS Files
Enhanced SIS Integration (Clever)
SIMS Integration (UK users)
Helpful Hints for Running the SIMS Application
Configuring the Rocket Share and Transport Settings
Mobile Manager: Add Users to Groups (Group Level)
Mobile Manager: Add a SIS ID to Users by Username (Organization Level)
Mobile Manager: Add Devices to Groups (Organization Level)
Managing Users, Groups, Schools, and Districts (Launch)