Launch Web Zones – Temporarily change Internet access rules for your class
Campus Library – Access Educational Resources
Launch – Introductory
Implementing the Bundle for Windows
Managing Users and Groups
Managing Schools and Districts
Connecting your Google Domain to Classroom Orchestrator and Syncing your Users
SIS Integration Basics
Web Zones in Launch
Launch Zones
Configuring a Windows Scheduled Task for “lssims.exe” Reports
Lightspeed Systems SIMS Export Utility
Running the LSsims Export Utility Application Report Setup
Why use CSV Imports?
Device Registration Portal: Add Devices by MAC
Lightspeed Dashboard: Scheduled Import
Mobile Manager Imports
Custom URL Step 2: Make sure the location of the CSV files is accessible to us over port 80
Mobile Manager: Decommission Devices by Serial Number (Organization Level)
Custom URL Step 1: Create a subdomain or folder on your web server that will host the CSV files
Mobile Manager: Mass Update Device Asset Tags (Organization Level)
Step 1: Find your Rocket’s Network Share directory
Step 2: Configure your District and Schools for Rocket Integration
Selecting your SIS Integration type
Lightspeed Dashboard: Validate SIS Files
Mobile Manager: Connect Users to Devices by SIS ID and S/N (Organization Level)
Lightspeed Dashboard: User Import
Mobile Manager: Mass Update Supervised iOS 8 Device Names (Organization Level)
Lightspeed Dashboard: Group Import
Lightspeed Dashboard: Manually Import Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Sync Now
Lightspeed Dashboard: Group Memberships Import
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Delete Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Disable Users
Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Delete Groups
Lightspeed Dashboard: SIS Error Logs
Lightspeed Dashboard: Export SIS Files
Lightspeed Dashboard: Import SIS Files
Enhanced SIS Integration (Clever)
SIMS Integration (UK users)
Helpful Hints for Running the SIMS Application
Configuring the Rocket Share and Transport Settings
Mobile Manager: Add Users to Groups (Group Level)
Mobile Manager: Add a SIS ID to Users by Username (Organization Level)
Mobile Manager: Add Devices to Groups (Organization Level)