Classroom for Teachers
Launch Web Zones – Temporarily change Internet access rules for your class
Web Zones – Temporarily Change Students’ Internet Access
Campus Library – Access Educational Resources
Transitioning from Classroom Orchestrator to Relay Classroom
Intro to Relay Classroom
Ensure students can access shared YouTube videos
Help users access apps from the App Portal
Turn on a Launch Web Zone
Create a Web Zone in Launch
Use Launch Web Zones to temporarily override Internet rules in class
Share library items within district only
Share items from Campus Library to ensure access
Use Campus Library to find teacher-shared resources
Enrolling Devices to be Managed with Launch Mobile Manager
Temporarily tweak students’ Internet access with Web Zones
Allow access to normally blocked sites
Review where students have been
Focus attention on your screen
Share resources with students
Share resources using Classroom Orchestrator
Share resources using Mobile Manager
Ensure students are on task
Launch Password Help
Creating Web Zones for SBAC Testing
How many screens/students can I monitor at once?
How can I teach my teachers to use this?
Will students know they’re being monitored?
How do teachers get to the dashboard?
My screens are not updating often enough.
Why don’t I see any student screens?
What does “X minutes old” mean?
Why are students prompted to accept screen monitoring?
How do I prevent screen monitoring after school hours?
Running Classroom Orchestrator – Teachers
Pushing web links to students
Classroom Orchestrator for Teachers
Controlling a student device
Viewing and Recording Student Sessions
Locking and Unlocking Devices
Broadcasting to Student Devices
Viewing URL History (Chrome only)
Guide to Web Zones
Creating an Open Web Zone (Teacher)
Activating a Web Zone (Teacher)
Joining a Web Zone (Student)
Deactivating a Web Zone (Teacher)
Mobile Manager for Teachers
Assisting Students with Managed Distribution
Campus Library (Launch)
Using Launch with Mobile Manager for Teacher
Teacher Classroom Orchestrator
Controlling Student Devices
Creating Timed Policies
Creating Policies
Teacher Guide to Web Zones