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Keeping YouTube Safe: How to Ensure Your Students Get the Best Content (And Not the Rest)

YouTube has long been a challenge for K-12 learning. Despite the endless educational content that is beneficial for a K-12 learning environment, there lurks a threat of inappropriate videos that range from mildly distracting to bizarre and very disturbing. Recently,…

We Analyzed Thousands of Student Web Searches About Suicide. Here’s What We Learned

In our day-to-day work at Lightspeed Systems, we’ve seen how a deeper understanding of user behavior can lead to life-saving interventions, particularly for students dealing with mental health challenges. We recently released a detailed report on cyberbullying trends based on a survey of parents and IT…

Cyberbullying Is a Growing Threat in K-12 Schools. Here’s How to Stop It

This month, in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month, Lightspeed Systems is raising awareness about a critical issue impacting students around the world: cyberbullying. As the leader in K-12 web filtering and mobile device management, Lightspeed Systems is proud to…

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