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Seeing blocked images/videos on a Allowed site? Try using Allowed Referrers to allow this content without allowing a blocked site!

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How to Easily Decrypt SSL on Any Device

Hate setting up proxy servers, trust certificates, or PAC files for SSL decryption? You’re not alone; SSL decryption is a time-consuming, costly process. Unfortunately, schools can’t afford to not get full reporting on HTTPS traffic. More than half of all websites are encrypted,…

Your Biggest Questions About Relay’s Smart Agents, Answered

We’ve just announced our new Smart Agents for Mac and Windows, making our cloud filter, Relay, a smart solution that goes way beyond Chromebooks. Filtering a Chromebook is pretty straightforward since it’s tied into G Suite and filtering the device…

What’s So Smart About Smart Agents?

Smart Agents power Relay’s multi-OS content filtering. But what makes Smart Agents so smart? Self-Contained SSL Decryption Decrypting SSL has been one of the top challenges for schools in web filtering. It involved setting up a trusted-man-in-the-middle proxy server, creating PAC…

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