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6 Things You Should Know About Filtering SSL

SSL — it’s the acronym on everyone’s lips. In the past year alone, HTTPS and its rapid adoption by major providers have changed the web filtering game significantly. Here are some key points that school IT departments need to know in order to adapt. SSL makes the Web as secure as a banking session. Until recently, […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Classroom Management Solution

Managing a class full of students on devices can give rise to some challenges — but solutions that let you view and manage student screens can help. When considering which solution is right for you, ask these questions: 1. Does it capture all browser windows? Some screen monitoring solutions only view the active or primary […]

Rocket Web Filter: Why you should use the latest version

We released our Rocket Web Filter version 2.10 a couple of weeks ago and it’s already running in thousands of districts. It has a lot of new and improved features, so I encourage all customers to update if you haven’t already. Not sure what version you are running? In your Rocket console, go to Administration […]