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Did you know that users can manage their own spam messages and retrieve messages from their email archive?

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Our URL Database

One of the reasons the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter is such a powerful solution for schools is our dynamic URL database. Lightspeed has a robot army working hard to crawl and categorize sites on the Web, and we complement this with…

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3 Things to Know for April

1. Solve your SSL problems right now. The No. 1 frustration in school IT departments right now is how to handle encrypted traffic over sites like Google and YouTube. VP of Development Rob Chambers has written a blog post explaining…

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Top 6 Reasons Schools Should Decrypt Google Traffic

Schools are increasingly turning to Google services for productivity, collaboration, communication, research, and more. And when they do, the biggest challenge is being able to monitor and filter user activity across that encrypted Google traffic. Once traffic is encrypted (as…

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