The Top 4 Uses for Web Zones

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Are your teachers and administrators using Web Zones? If not, they’re missing out on an important feature inside Lightspeed Systems Web Filter.

So what’s a Web Zone? Think of a Web Zone as a private room: Basically, teachers set up a zone to expand or restrict Web access temporarily. Although Web Filter’s flexible and customizable policies are ideal in most scenarios, there are times when individuals, small groups or classes may need more or less access to the Internet for a while. One way to accomplish this is with Web Zones.

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10 Questions You Need the Answers To

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From a high-level overview to a drill-down into details, your school web filter should offer easy access to information about web activity — so you can manage your network, adjust policies, re-educate abusers and more. Lightspeed Systems Web Filter was designed so that IT can get quick answers to whatever you need to know. Here are just 10 examples.

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4 Ways Lightspeed Systems Simplifies Online Tests

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It’s that time again — time to get your students prepared and organized for state testing, which means it’s up to administrators and IT to create secure online testing environments.

Using Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, Mobile Manager and Classroom Orchestrator, you can maintain a testing environment that’s safe, fast and secure with just a few extra clicks. Here are a few things you can do to make the online testing process smoother.

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HTTPS and Google and Web Filtering for Schools

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Google moving all services to HTTPS has results in some questions and concerns from schools about their web filtering. The assurance of privacy that HTTPS provides is critical, but so is the assurance of student safety. And schools still want to report on searches, selectively allow or block Google services, and block YouTube as a policy while allowing safe access to specific educational videos in the My Big Campus Resource Library. And you can. We’ll help you have the best of both worlds with the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter. Find out how.

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