Help Lightspeed Fight Cyberbullying. Take Our Survey

Protecting students and preventing cyberbullying, violence and self-harm are at the core of what we do at Lightspeed Systems. To fight bullying from all fronts, we’ve created solutions like suspicious search query reports in Web Filter 3: Longhorn, real-time suspicious term alerts in Relay for Google Chrome, and teacher device monitoring via Classroom Orchestrator.

We want to learn more about cyberbullying in K-12 today, so we’re conducting independent research on this critical topic. We need to hear from you!

Take this brief, anonymous survey and tell us how cyberbullying is impacting your students. Are you seeing instances of cyberbullying increase or decrease? What’s your opinion on the ramifications of technology in school? Does your team have resources to keep kids safe?

The survey is anonymous, but as a small token of our appreciation for your time, we will enter you in a raffle for an iPad Pro if you leave your email address at the end of the survey! (Odds of winning are in your favor; this is a targeted, limited survey of IT professionals in K-12.)

How we’re using this data: We’ll be publishing the research in the form of data visualizations and trend reports to better inform the ed-tech industry and the public on cyberbullying in K-12 schools.

We’ll also use your insights to better inform our product development in the future. Although we are in constant contact with school districts to help curb online danger for students, your candid feedback will help us to better understand this important issue.

If you’re ready to tackle cyberbullying with the most advanced solutions, request a personalized demo to see how Lightspeed Systems can help you protect students with Relay for Chrome and Web Filter 3: Longhorn!

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