Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom have moved from the Community Site to Intercom Help Center. This move will allow us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found here.

Relay Classroom

Classroom Orchestrator to Relay Classroom FAQ

The Classroom Orchestrator you are familiar with was updated with a new interface and features. With these updates, Classroom Orchestrator will be called Relay Classroom.

  • What is Relay Classroom?Relay Classroom is the next generation of Classroom Orchestrator. It’s an advanced classroom management solution that gives teachers smart new ways to keep students on track and engaged.
  • What makes Relay Classroom so amazing?
    • It’s fast— screen and site updates what students are doing happen in real time!
    • It’s AI-based— you can focus on teaching and save time with new insights based on what students are doing, rather than watching a whole desktop of tiny screens.
    • It’s full of features— you can view screens, record, broadcast, share links, lock devices and so much more!
    • It’s easy— the new UI packs a ton of features into a smart and easy UI so switching is easy.
  • How is Relay Classroom different from Classroom Orchestrator?Relay Classroom has all the features you loved about Classroom Orchestrator in a whole new platform that’s faster, easier, and smarter. Teachers can do everything they used to do in less time — and they can do even more.
  • Administrators: How do I switch to the new Relay Classroom?Google Chrome Users — All you need to do is remove the old Classroom Orchestrator extension, add your classes, then push the new extensions (Relay Classroom and Broadcast for Chrome) to teachers and students. Look for your organization’s custom Chrome extension at We’ve covered these steps in greater detail in our Getting Started with Relay Classroom guide.MacOS Users — To download and re-install the agent, log in to Relay and navigate to the Settings > Software page. Click on the Classroom tab, then click Download ClassroomAgent.dmg. Open the .dmg installation file and follow the installer instructions as prompted.

    Windows Users — To download and re-install the agent, log into Relay and navigate to Settings > Software in the left-side navigation of Relay and click the Windows tab. Then click the Smart Agent .msi link. Working from the target workstation as a Local Administrator, make a local copy of your Smart Agent .msi file accessible. From an administrator command prompt, navigate to the folder where your SmartAgentx64.msi file is saved and launch it using this command: msiexec /i [File Name.msi]

  • What happens with all my Classroom Orchestrator classes?They’re all automatically switched over to the new Relay Classroom.
  • Where can administrators learn more about Relay Classroom?Refer to our Relay Classroom documentation on the Lightspeed Community Site.
  • Where can teachers learn more about Relay Classroom?We have lots of great resources to help teachers with Classroom, whether they’re used to Classroom Orchestrator or new to Classroom altogether.
  • What do I need to do next?Admins need to ensure that everyone has the new Relay Classroom extension and that’s it! We’ll automatically transfer all of your classes and users to the new interface. Anyone (teachers and admins) with a Classroom Orchestrator login will be able to log in to the new Relay Classroom with the same credentials.