SaaS Documentation Has Moved: Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom will no longer be updated on the Community Site and has moved to our Intercom Help Center. This move allows us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found here. Note: Longhorn/Web Filter documentation will continue to be available on the Community Site.


Database Categories

Relay’s database categories include custom and default categories:

Custom Categories

Custom Categories are listed above Relay’s default categories. Check out our documentation to learn how to create Custom Categories in Relay.

Default Categories


  • Access Denied – Websites that present a login page
  • Mature – Mature products, services, situations and humor. Sale of lingerie, sex toys, mature videos. Nudity that is not pornographic nor art. Sites that have non-existent or ineffective user controls to prevent children from accessing mature materials.
  • Mature (Art) – Art that contains nudity or mature activity and situations
  • Mature (Body Art) – Body art, tattoos, body piercings, body modification, scarification, body painting
  • Mature (Games) – Sex games, games containing mature language, situations or humor whether online or board games
  • Mature (Language) – Strong language, profanity
  • Alcohol – Production, promotion and sale of alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs – Promotion of illicit and illegal drug use
  • Gambling – Gambling, casinos, betting, lottery and sweepstakes
  • Porn – Pornography related sites
  • Suspicious – Recently discovered sites with suspicious words or phrases

Forums, Chat, Email

  • Forums – Unmoderated personal expression. (Moderated forums that are limited to a specific topic are categorized according to the topic. I.e. An automobile forum would be in the Automobile category.)
  • Forums (Blogs) – Weblogs that cover a variety of topics. (Blogs about a specific topic are categorized according to the topic.)
  • Forums (Dating) – Dating websites like FriendFinder, eHarmony and
  • Forums (Email) – Hosted email services such as Gmail,, and Yahoo Mail
  • Forums (IM) Instant messaging services
  • Forums (Newsgroups) – Newsgroups, usenet and subscription newsletters
  • Forums (p2p) – Peer-to-peer and filesharing sites
  • Forums (Personals) – Personal web pages and personal ads
  • Forums (Social Networking) – Social networking websites, as well as related websites that provide avatars, hosting resources for social networks, etc.


  • Security – Security risks and sites providing information that poses security risks
  • Security (Malware) – Viruses, spyware, phishing
  • Security (Nettools) – Tools that may be used to bypass network security or content filtering. (e.g. VPN products, remote access products, tutorials on bypassing security measures, etc. )
  • Security (Proxy) – Anonymous proxies, tutorials on using anonymous proxies, and tools that allow content filtering to be bypassed, such as language translation sites like and
  • Security (Shorteners) – Websites providing URL shortening services
  • Security (Translators) – Language translation sites that do not honor filter restrictions


  • Violence – Promotion of violence and anarchy


  • Unknown – Unknown URLs, Domains and IP Addresses


  • Ads – Ad servers and advertising companies
  • Parked – Pay-per-click hosting websites that park expired domains
  • Spam – Sources of spam email that does not involve pornography, gambling or drugs
  • Spam (Shopping) – Shopping websites that use spam email for marketing

Business and work

  • Automobile – Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Business – Chambers of Commerce, business groups, services
  • Business (Construction) – Resources for home and property improvement
  • Business (Finance) – Banking, stock markets, insurance and financial news
  • Business (Jobs) – Employment search, offerings and support
  • Business (Manufacturing) – Manufacturing, industrial and shipping companies
  • Business (Real Estate) – Real estate, title companies, property management
  • Computers – Hardware and software companies, IT infrastructure or cloud-based services, mobile apps
  • Computers (Analytics) – Sites for Web Analytics services and the tools they use. Hosted services, click tracking sites, etc. Will not include CDNs and other sites for online and email marketing.
  • Computers (Consumer Electronics) – Manufacturing or promotion of televisions, cell phones, etc.
  • Computers (File Hosting) – File/photo hosting, freeware, shareware
  • Computers (Storage) – Secure, online cloud storage
  • Ham – Legitimate sources of email
  • Law – Law firms, courts and legal matters
  • Microsoft – Microsoft and related sites
  • Weapons – Guns, swords, knives and other weapons


  • Education – Education and reference sites
  • Education (Arts) – Art, art history, architecture, graphic design and illustration
  • Education (Games) – Educational games for kids
  • Education (History) – History. Historical sites, museums, archeology
  • Education (Literature) – Literature, libraries, writers, publishers, bookstores, book and author sites, reviews, writing tools
  • Education (Media) – Educational streaming media resources (e.g. Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, TeacherTube, etc.)
  • Education (Music) – Music education, history, instruments, marching bands, and museums, sheet music, symphonies, orchestras, opera
  • Education (Science) – Science, technology, astronomy, geology, physics
  • Education (Sex) – High school level sex education websites
  • Education (Social Science) – Social sciences
  • Plagiarism – Sale of term papers, research papers, and other ways to help students cheat

Family Life

  • Family – Family life, cooking, gardening and home improvement
  • Family (Food) – Restaurants, grocery stores and recipes
  • Family (Health Health) – care, fitness clubs, pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, nursing homes, nutrition, medical, dental
  • Family (Religion) – Faith, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques
  • Photography – Photo exhibits, stock photos, photography that does not contain adult material

Kids and Teens

  • Kids and Teens – Kid-safe websites
  • Kids and Teens (Chat) – Monitored chat websites suitable for kids


  • General – General interest
  • Expired – Domains whose registration has expired


  • Audio/Video – Sources of audio and video files and streaming
  • Entertainment – Movies, television, radio and celebrities
  • Entertainment (Radio and TV) – Radio and TV stations
  • Games – Games, anime, cartoons, wallpapers and screen savers
  • Hobby – Hobbies, crafts and collecting
  • Humor – Humor, puzzles and brain-teasers
  • Music – Bands and artists, concerts, DJs, lyrics, songwriting and record labels
  • Shopping – Online shopping
  • Shopping (Auctions) – Auctions, classifieds, pennysaver, camera ads
  • Shopping (Office Supplies) – Major office supply websites
  • Sports – Sports sites. Teams and athletes. Fishing, boxing, wrestling, Competitive shooting, archery, bicycling
  • Sports (Fantasy) – Fantasy football, baseball, soccer and others
  • Sports (Martial Arts) – Martial arts, competitions, schools, organizations
  • Sports (Youth) – High school sports teams and youth sports leagues
  • Travel – Hotels, resorts, cruises, transportation and vacation offerings


  • Directory – Directories and portals about specialized topics. Bookmark management sites
  • News – News and magazines
  • Search – Major search engines


  • Government – Federal, state, local and international goverment
  • Society – Culture, issues, ethnicity and people
  • Society (Crime) – Crime and the justice system
  • Society (Politics) – Politics, political activism and political issues
  • World – Sites about regions and languages of the world
  • World (Chinese) – World websites – Chinese
  • World (German) – World websites – German
  • World (Spanish) – World websites – Spanish
  • World (French) – World websites – French
  • World (Italian) – World websites – Italian
  • World (Japanese) – World websites – Japanese
  • World (Korean) – World websites – Korean
  • World (Netherlands) – World websites – Netherlands
  • World (Polish) – World websites – Polish
  • World (Portuguese) – World websites – Portuguese
  • World (Russian) – World websites – Russian