How Do I Set Up Mobile Filter?

Mobile Filter must be set up properly in order to ensure optimal functionality.

  • 1. The first key step to setting up Mobile Filter is make sure that your Rocket is accessible via outside Port 80 and its FQHN.
  • 2. The second key step is to setup agents using
  • 3. If you encounter any issues, review the following checklist of items and properties that are required for Mobile Filter to function correctly:
  • *Provide outside access to Rocket
  • *Import External IP’s into
  • *Set up server in
  • *Uninstall password set in
  • *Import MAC addresses into (optional but recommended)
  • *Set transparent auth source on Rocket Mobile Devices Page
  • *Choose force reg and bypass options on Rocket Mobile Devices Page
  • *Deploy agents to clients

Please refer to the following article for  more information on Mobile Filter options and for download links: