How does Hierarchy with Restrictions work?

Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager is set up the same way your educational institution is set up, in a hierarchical fashion, which is part of what makes it such a powerful solution for schools. The top level is your Organization, followed by your Groups. Setting up your devices in this way gives you the most flexibility to configure your settings to work the way your organization works, allowing smaller groups down the hierarchical tree to be configured especially for their needs without affecting other groups.


Take a look at the inheritance

With the hierarchical setup, Mobile Manager sets policies via inheritance. By default, when you configure a setting, it automatically applies the setting to all the child groups beneath it. This allows for rapid configuration across your district, while still remaining agile, allowing individual groups to set up their own policies.


About Inheritance:

Similar to genetic inheritance, your groups are set up to inherit traits from their parent group and pass those settings on to their child groups. Unlike genetics, if you want to change the settings for a particular group, you can!

Locking Policies

If you wish to impose settings on a group or groups, and thereby not allow them to alter the inherited configuration, you can easily lock the policy setting.


Multiple Groups

Devices can be in many groups at once. If, for example, as shown in the figure above, a device is in Group F it would inherit settings from Groups C and A. The device will only show a single group. This is because Mobile Manager will now compile all groups’ settings into a single profile for the device to make changes show on the devices faster.

Devices get the lowest settings on the tree. For example, if “Allow use of camera” is disabled in group A but is enabled in group G, then cameras will be enabled unless “Allow use of camera” is locked in group A.

When an administrator applies a restriction or allowance to a group, the users will pick up the nearest applicable policy on the hierarchical structure. If there is a conflicting change that has been made by two administrators at the same hierarchical level, then the most restrictive policy is applied.

Watch: An overview of the Mobile Manager inheritance interface.

Learn more about hierarchy with restrictions in the following walkthrough: