How to add another Administrator to Relay

Follow these steps to add an Administrator(s) to your Lightspeed SaaS products.

Log in to the Launch Dashboard with your organization’s credentials. Hover your mouse over Admin Tools and click Users.

Create an Admin from a New User

You can add an admin by creating a new user. Click the green plus sign in the bottom right corner to add a user.

Enter all of the required information. Under User Type make sure to select Staff. Under Admin Role make sure to select School Admin or District Admin. Click the green checkbox when done.

Create an Admin from an Existing User

Alternatively, you can also turn an existing user into an admin. Simply click on an existing user and then click the pencil icon to edit their information.

Change the User Type to Staff (if necessary) and change the Admin Role to School Admin or District Admin. Click the green checkbox to save.

Note: You can also grant users admin privileges with the Group Management feature.