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How to: Filter and Manage Chromebook Devices

If you’re rolling out Chromebooks in your district, we have solutions to help you filter them and manage them!

ChromeOS Mobile Filter – Provides off-network filtering so users and Chromebooks are safe even when they’re off the school network (included with a Lightspeed Systems Web Filter license)

ChromeOS User Extension – Provides seamless single sign-on for your users, so they log into their Chromebooks and automatically get appropriate filtering policies and reporting (included with a Lightspeed Systems Web Filter license)

Relay Classroom – Gives teachers management of Chromebooks in the classroom with screen monitoring, remote control, and more. And gives IT policy controls, from daily schedules to configurations

To add new solutions to help you manage your Chromebooks, contact

For help with your existing solutions for your Chromebook and ChromeOS devices, contact