AirPrint lets users print wirelessly from their iOS devices. To view, edit, or delete AirPrint policies:

Note: AirPrint policies are only supported on iOS 7+ devices and OS X devices.

  • 1. To view, edit, or delete AirPrint policies for the entire organization, navigate to the dashboard home page. To view, edit, or delete AirPrint policies for a group or sub group, navigate to that group or sub group.
  • 2. Click Policies.
  • 3. Click AirPrint. The following will be displayed:


  • 4. If necessary, click On Campus to configure an internal AirPrint policy or click Global (the default) to configure a global AirPrint policy.

Configurable AirPrint settings:

Field Description OS Supported
Printers Click the plus sign (+) and enter the IP address and Bonjour Resource Path (for example, printers/Canon_MG5300_series) of the printer. Use the minus sign () to delete a printer. iOS7+
Port Allows you to specify a port number and will use the default port if left blank iOS 11+
Use TLS Will force connections to be secured via TLS if set to Yes. iOS 11+