To view, edit, or delete Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) policies:


LDAP policies are only supported on iOS6+ and OS X devices.

  • 1. To view, edit, or delete LDAP policies for the entire organization, navigate to the dashboard home page. To view, edit, or delete LDAP policies for a group or sub group, navigate to that group or sub group.
  • 2. Click Policies.
  • 3. Click LDAP.
  • 4. If there are no current LDAP policies click Add New.


Configurable LDAP settings:

Field Description OS Supported
Description Enter a meaningful description of the LDAP server iOS6+, OS X
Username Enter the username for this LDAP account iOS6+, OS X
Password Enter the password for this LDAP account iOS6+, OS X
Hostname Enter the LDAP hostname or IP address iOS6+, OS X
Use SSL Check (select) Use SSL to enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for this LDAP connection iOS6+, OS X
Search Settings Click the plus sign to create a search string or click the minus sign to delete one. Perform the following to create a new search string:
  • 1. Click the plus sign.
  • 2. Enter a meaningful description.
  • 3. From the dropdown select the search scope (Base, One Level, or Subtree).
  • 4. Enter the search base (for example, “ou=Kindergarten, o=My School”).
iOS6+, OS X