Web Domains

Admins can use Web Domain policies to restrict users to opening documents from managed web domains you set on this page to only open in managed apps (known as “Managed Open In”). This can help admins separate documents controlled by managed apps from documents associated with non managed apps, which may be the users’ personal documents.

  • 1. To view, edit, or delete Web Domains policies for the entire organization, navigate to the dashboard home page. To view, edit, or delete Web Domains policies for a group or sub group, navigate to that group or sub group.
  • 2. Click Policies.
  • 3. Click Web Domains. The following will be displayed:

Web Domains

  • 4. If necessary, click On Campus to configure an internal Web Domains policy or click Global (the default) to configure a global Web Domains policy.

Configurable Web Domains settings:

Field Description OS Supported
Web Domains Enable this option to enter web domains below. iOS8+ (supervised), OS X 10.10+
URL Click the plus sign (+) and enter the URL of a web domain. Use the minus sign () to delete the URL of a web domain. iOS8+ (supervised), OS X 10.10+