Pushing Lightspeed Agents to Google Users

  • 1. Navigate to admin.google.com 
  • 2. Click Chrome Management
  • 3. Click User settings.
  • 4. Scroll down to Apps and Extensions and click Manage force-installed apps.
  • 5. Under Chrome Web Store, download the extensions you need. Click Add to add each extension. Click Save after you’ve added all your necessary extensions.
Note: Certain extensions, such as the Chrome User Agent and the Lightspeed Chrome Mobile Filter need to be pushed manually instead of through the Chrome Web Store.
Extensions Chrome Webstore Link/Manual Push Link
Lightspeed Management for Chrome View
Lightspeed Broadcast for Chrome View
Lightspeed User Agent Push Manually
Web Filter Extension for Google Chrome (Replaces Chrome Mobile Filter) Push Manually


Once you push the Lightspeed user agent extensions to your devices, these devices will auto-populate in your Chrome Bundle. You can view a list of your devices in the Mobile Manager Devices tab.



Note: Customers who currently use SSL certificates generated by a Certificate Authority (CA) with their Rocket appliance MUST push the new Chrome Lightspeed S-Mobile Filter and not the Lightspeed Mobile Filter to devices. Learn more here.
Note: Customers who have devices other than Chromebooks (Windows or iOS devices) will need to install those specific user agents on their devices. Learn more about Windows and iOS user agents.