Relay Classroom Policies

Enable (or disable) Relay Classroom policies from the Relay navigation menu. Click the toggle-icon to the left of the policy name to enable (green) or disable (grey) the policy. Remember, changes to policies affect the current group (and any sub-groups) selected in the Group Switcher.


In the General section, make broad changes to your Relay Classroom policy.

Enable Classroom

When enabled, the Relay Classroom extension or agent is active and will monitor student activity in the Relay Classroom interface.

On Campus Only

Enable this policy and Relay Classroom will only monitor students connected to known Campus Networks (Settings > General > Campus Networks).

Note: Do not enable On Campus Only for Mac OS devices. This feature will be supported for the Relay Classroom Agent for Mac in a future release.

View Classroom

Administrators can view a class in Relay Classroom from the policies page. Navigate to a class (via the Group Switcher) and click Classroom from the main navigation menu. Click VIEW CLASSROOM to the right of the General policies header.

Teacher Permissions

In the Teacher Permissions, enable or disable the following Relay Classroom features:

Edit Class Schedule

When enabled, this policy allows (or limits) scheduling options in the Relay Classroom interface.

  • Bell Schedule- set the class schedule according to your school’s bell schedule. The bell schedule is set by a Relay administrator and selected by the teacher.
  • Custom Schedule- set the schedule to a custom time.
  • Ad Hoc Schedule- start a class session instantly for a selected duration.

View All Screens

Enable this policy to allow teachers to view all student screens in the Relay Classroom interface.

View Browsing History

Enable this policy to allow teachers access to their students’ browsing history.

Record Screens

Enable this policy to allow teachers to record students’ screens.

Note: Any of the policies on this page can be locked or unlocked. Click the drop-menu (to the right of the policy) and selct Lock or Unlock.

Bell Schedules

Only an administrator can create a Bell Schedule for teachers to select in their Relay Classroom interface. To create a bell schedule, navigate through the Group Switcher to a school within your district.

Click the add icon at the bottom of the Classroom policies page.

Enter a schedule name, select days of the week, enter a name and start times for each period (including a.m. or p.m.), then enter a dismissal time and click Save.