Relay – FAQ

1) Is Relay intergrated with the Lightspeed Systems Rocket appliance?

-No! Relay is completely standalone. Relay is specifically designed for Google devices and provides the best reporting and control options available on the market!

2) Does Relay allow recategorization?

-Unlike the Rocket, Relay does not allow recategorization. Instead, Relay utilizes Custom Allow and Block lists that are simple to use, easy to control, and easy to audit.

3) I pushed the Relay extension to my devices, but I do not see it. Where is it?

-The Relay extension appears as Relay.  You should see it in your Chrome Extensions.


4) How often does the Relay Extension check with Relay to see if there is a policy change?

-The Relay Extension checks with relay every 5 minutes to see if there’s a policy change. Please allow five minutes for changes made in Relay to process. You can learn more about testing Relay here.

5) Can you set different policies for different groups within Relay?

-Yes you can! Learn more here.


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