Relay Smart Agents give you the most powerful web filtering available (including no-hassle SSL decryption) for every device — all with no hardware on your network. Our development team is adding new features and support across operating systems every day, making Relay better and better. This chart lets you know what features we are still working on for each OS; soon you will see checkmarks across the board!

Feature Chrome Win Mac iOS Notes
SSL Filtering
Mobile Anytime/Anywhere Filtering
Reports – Internet Overview
Reports – Apps
Reports – Blocked
Reports – Flagged
Reports – Overriden
Reports – Searches
Reports – Videos
App Analytics
Safety Check
Windows and Mac coming soon!
Parent Report Generator
Time on page reports are Chrome only – for now
All users and reports work across OSes, except Flags and Time on Page columns. Coming soon to every OS!
Internet Access – Default Rules
Internet Access – Default Rules – Force Google Safe Search
Internet Access – Default Rules – Filter Google Image Search Thumbnails
Internet Access – Default Rules – Restrict Access to Google Apps
Internet Access – Default Rules – Bypass Rules on Failure
Internet Access – Default Rules – Enable Relay on Chromebooks Only
Internet Access – Default Rules – Overrides
Internet Access – Default Rules – Lockouts
Internet Access – Default Rules – Social Media Controls
Windows and Mac curently support allowing/blocking the categories, not the read only rules.
Internet Access – Default Rules – Custom Categories
Internet Access – Default Rules – Categories
Internet Access – Video Rules – YouTube block/allow
Internet Access – Video Rules – Smart Play
Must have YouTube set to allowed. Support is limited.
Intetnet Access – Video Rules – Restricted Mode
Internet Access – Video Rules – Hide Featured Video
Coming soon to Mac and Win
Internet Access – Video Rules – Hide Video Thumbnail
Internet Access – Video Rules – Hide Comments
Internet Access – Video Rules – Hide Sidebar
Internet Access – Video Rules – Custom Allow/Block List
If YouTube is blocked, the custom allow list does not work.
Internet Access – Video Rules – Overrides
Internet Access – After School Rules
Internet Access – After School Rules – Internet Access
Internet Access – After School Rules – Reporting
Internet Access – After School Rules – Enable for Chromebooks Only
Internet Access – After School Rules – Lockouts
Internet Access – Custom Allow List
Internet Access – Custom Block List
Internet Access – Blocked Search Keywords
Flagged Queue
Coming soon to Mac and Win
Device Detective
Mac, Win and iOS device location is available through Mobile Manager
Audit Log