Relay – Navigation

Navigating Relay is simple. We developed Relay to easily configure your Internet access policy and settings. Open a web browser and sign into  (you can use your Google, Microsoft or Lightspeed  Systems credentials).

The left-hand menu is the main way to navigate Relay.

The first four categories in the left-hand navigation menu (Dashboard, People, Reports, and Internet Access) are group specific and show information related to your location in the Relay hierarchy. Any settings you change will only apply to your current group in the Relay hierarchy.

The last four categories (Audit Log, Flagged Queue, Device Detective, and Settings) are global and show information related to your entire organization.

Categories in the left-hand menu that have subcategories have an arrow to the right of the category (). Clicking the arrow expands or collapses the category.

Sign out of Relay by clicking the key icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu:

Navigating between Groups

By default, Relay shows data for your top level school or district. You can easily navigate between schools and classes by clicking the Group Switcher button (156) at the top left of each Relay section:

The Group Switcher opens the Switch Groups diaolog box, showing your district and school hierarchy:

Groups with subgroups are shown by a gray arrow () to the right of the group. To open a group to see data or change settings at that group level, hover over the group or subgroup you want to switch to and click .

In the example below, we’ve opened the 1 to 1 subgroup of the North Elementary school (group). Notice that the breadcrumb at the top of the page changes to show your current group.

Relay only shows data corresponding to the group you are in. You can switch from your current group by either clicking 156 or by clicking any part of the hierarchy in the breadcrumb. You can click the ellipses in the breadcrumb to open a drop-down menu showing all subgroups: