Relay – Navigation

Please make sure to review the Relay – Getting Started course before beginning the Comprehensive course.

Navigating Relay is easy. Relay was developed to be an exceptionally user-friendly environment.

Navigate to to log into Relay. You will log in using your Google, Microsoft or Lightspeed  Systems credentials.


Once you are logged in, you will be automatically taken to the dashboard. You can navigate to any section of Relay by using the left-hand navigation menu. You can log out of Relay at any point by clicking the key icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu.


The first four categories in the left-hand navigation menu (Dashboard, Users, Reports, and Internet Access) are district/school/group specific. Data within these categories will only pertain to where you are within the Relay navigation hierarchy. The bottom four categories (Audit Log, Flagged Queue, Device Detective, and Settings) are universal and will always show information that pertains to your entire organization.


By default, Relay will show you data for your top level school or district. You can easily navigate between schools, classes, and even users by clicking the navigation button (156) on the top left of each Relay section.The navigation button will open your district/school hierarchy. You can learn how to import your hierarchy from Google in Lesson 4 of our Relay – Getting Stated course.

You can switch which group you are in by clicking on any group. Some groups will have subgroups. You can choose to navigate as deep as your hierarchy allows. Click on any group to open subgroups, click on any subgroup to display data for that subgroup. In the example below, we navigated to our North Elementary school (group) and the Music class (subgroup).

The navigation menu will always display which group you are currently in. All of the data shown in Relay will correspond directly to the group you are in.


You can navigate away from the current group to other groups by either clicking the navigation icon or by clicking on any part of the hierarchy within the navigation menu. (In the example below, clicking on Touring Magnet School will take us to that specific school,  while clicking on Home will take us back to our top level district view.)

Note: Navigate to the Google Classroom group to see all groups added by a Google Classroom Sync. This option only appears after a Google Classroom Sync is performed.

If you’re a holder of a Privileged Admin account (with Relay licensing on both parent and child organizations), you will now have access to a dropdown to switch between your various organization in the top of the left side menu.