Office 365

  • 1. Sign in to Office 365 at
    as the administrator of your Work or School account
  • 2. Choose the Admin tile
  • 3. On the left navigation bar under Admin Centers choose Azure AD
  • 4. Select your domain from the Active Directory tab
  • 5. Select the Applications tab and click Add on the bottom of the page
  • 6. Select Add an application my organization is developing
  • 7. Give your application a name and select Web application and/or web API as the type.
  • 9. Set your Sign-on URL and App ID URI. The sign-on URL should use the format http://FQHN/auth/azure_oauth2/callback where FQHN is the FQDN or IP address for your Rocket. The App ID URI will be your FQHN.
  • 10. Your application has now been added. Select the Configure tab on your new application
  • 11. Scroll down to the “permissions to other applications” section and set the following permissions:
    Application: Read directory data.
    Delegated: Access the directory as the signed-in user, Read directory data, Sign in and read user profile.
  • 12. Click Save.
  • 13. Take note of your Client ID.
  • 14. Under Keys choose a duration in order to create a key.
    Important: You can only view the key once upon initial creation, so copy and save it to a document that you’ll be able to retrieve later.
  • 15. Click Save to view your key.

Configure the Office 365 Authentication Source on the Web Filter

Field Name Description
Name Name of the Authentication Source for use in the Web Filter UI.
Description Description of the Authentication Source for use in the Web Filter UI.
Friendly Name Name visible to end users when used with web authentications, overrides, and web – zone administrator login.
Domain The optional top-level domain name.
Client ID The Client ID provided by the 365 web application.
Client Secret The Client Secret provided by the 365 web application.
Available to End Users Select (check) this checkbox to use this source for web authentication.