Adding an Internal Ignore

Root Administrators can edit Internal Ignores in the Root tier and Sub Tiers. Tier Administrators can edit Internal Ignores in their own Sub Tiers.

***If using the DNS remap feature to enforce Google or YouTube Safety modes, network DNS servers must not be listed in the ignore list.***

  • 1. Click Settings, then click Tier Management.
  • 2. Click the name of the tier (normally Root) or sub tier.
  • 3. On the Tier Settings page, scroll down to Internal Ignores.

  • 4. In the Internal Ignore grid, click the green “+” icon. This action opens the following page:

  • 5. In the Add Internal Ignore form, edit the fields as needed.
  • 6. Click Save to apply your changes, or click Cancel to discard your changes and return to the previous page.

Configurable Fields on this Page

  • Ip Range – Enter the IP address or range for the internal ignore list. single IP address range of IP addresses CIDR notation for same range as above
  • Short Description – Enter a brief description of the internal ignore list.