Safety Check

The Safety Check report is Relay’s most advanced and intuitive report. Combined with smart A.I. technology and real-time alerts, Safety Check protects students beyond content-filtering. When triggered, Safety Check creates a case (assigned to a user) based on harmful web activity which includes blocked keyword searches and flagged terms (both page content and user input).

To view the Safety Check report, log in to Relay and click Reports > Safety Check from the main navigation menu.


The Safety Check report includes a total of all Cases, Closed Cases, and Users. This page also includes a timeline of case activity, a list of Recent Cases (by date), and a list of Most Cases (by user).

Total Cases

Click on the Total Cases list to open a list of all open cases.

Closed Cases

Click on the Closed Cases list to open a list of all closed cases. Refer to this list to review and re-open closed cases.


Click on the Users total to open a list of all users associated with an open case. Click on any name in the list to open the User Information panel.


Hover over any point on the timeline to see the total number of cases opened for that day.

Recent Cases

The list of Recent Cases includes all cases opened within the last month (or the last 10 cases opened).

Most Cases

The list of Most Cases includes a list of users with the most cases currently (total number of cases by individual).

Case Details

To review case details, click on the name of any user to open the User Information panel. Click on the Overview tab, then click on any of the open cases listed to expand the case details.

Expanded case details include the triggered keyword(s), a timestamp, URL, and a screenshot of the page where the keyword was found.

After reviewing the case details, click the Mark Closed button to close the case.