Transparent Proxy and SSL traffic Protection

When a Transparent Proxy is enabled on your network, it allows for the Rocket to decrypt SSL sessions on your network. This is useful for ensuring students are receiving safe results on search engines and any other website that utilizes encryption.

This can be a cause for concern on websites that harbor information that is best kept encrypted, such as banking sites. To ensure that your personal information is safe, while also keeping students safe while browsing, the Web filter takes certain necessary precautions:

The Data that is sent to and from the Rocket is encrypted
This means that a third party “snooping” cannot see the information sent even if they are monitoring connections.

No decrypted information is ever cached on the Rocket
All decryption happens in the Rocket’s memory and is not held for any amount of time after a filtering decision is made.

If there is an error, we let you know.
All SSL errors or warnings are passed to the client and not held on the Rocket. This allows the end user to analyze and set the behavior of their encrypted traffic.

No logging of encrypted traffic on the Rocket
There are some debugging reports and other technical tools we can enable, but none show encrypted traffic in plain text, for security reasons.