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Classroom Orchestrator

Troubleshooting: Some Student Screens Are Not Showing

Your student screens may not show for a variety of reasons. The following troubleshooting tips offer possible solutions:

  • Make sure that the email address for the user listed in Launch is a 100% match to the email address used to sign into the Chromebook. 
  • Make sure that the username for the Windows user is a 100% match to the username used to sign into the Windows device.
  • For Chromebooks try signing out and then signing back in.
  • For Chromebooks make sure the Lightspeed Management for Chrome agent is installed and is enabled.
  • It’s possible that the student is “active” in another group.  Students can only have screens viewed in one group at a time.  Make sure that your teachers end the orchestration after the end of the class period. 
  • Please note that iPad screens cannot be seen.