User Reports

The Web Filter’s User Reports provide you with data about a single user’s web activity. To create this report, Click Reports (main navigation menu) then click User Reports.

Select an Authentication Source, then enter the user’s name. If needed you can enter a wildcard (*) to search for the user’s name.

Note: Search for a username that matches the username in the authentication source.

Enter a date range and an email address in the Send to field. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses.

Note: The report’s date range is only limited to the user’s creation date. Therefore, if the user was added to your organization six months ago, the report can only display data from the previous six months.

Click Export to send the User Report to the email(s) listed. This places the report in the queue and may take a while to generate and send depending on the amount of data being processed.

The User Report sends a .csv file to the user(s) listed and contains user-specific information which includes: id, Internal_IP, Destination_IP, Destination, Query, Search, Category, Action, Rule_Set, Reason, Origin, and Time.