Guaranteed Categories

The Guaranteed Categories feature regulates the flow of traffic—both outbound and inbound—for various content categories. This means, for example, that important traffic, such as online courseware, will not have to share bandwidth with less important traffic such as general web surfing and streaming media.
Guaranteed Categories Page
With guaranteed categories enabled, the Lightspeed Systems Rocket begins to prioritize traffic by category when overall traffic reaches a specified percentage of the throughput.

Enable Guaranteed Categories

This is a simple on-off switch. Click to turn guaranteed categories on or off:

Guaranteed Categories On:

Guaranteed Categories Enabled

Guaranteed Categories Off:

Guaranteed Categories Disabled

Set Threshold

This is the percentage of the minimum bandwidth for your site at which to begin prioritizing traffic. Slide the pointer to reduce or increase the bandwidth allocation for non-excluded categories. Click Apply to save your change.
Set Threshold

Select Guaranteed Categories

This area shows a list of the current guaranteed categories.
Select Categories

Add Category

To add a content category to the guaranteed category list, click Add Category, choose a category from the dropdown list, and then click Save.


Traffic to any category not in the excluded list will be blocked when the guaranteed category threshold is reached.

Select Categories

Delete a Category

To remove a category from the Exclusions list, move the mouse cursor over the right side of the exclusions list until an X appears. Click the X to remove the category from the list.


Guaranteed Categories (formerly known as “Bandwidth Management”) in the Rocket is simplified to provide what districts have told us they need. We asked customers what they needed from guaranteed categories, and they said they wanted to ensure that usage of certain critical websites (such as an online state testing site) not be impacted by the use of media-rich Web 2.0 sites. The Guaranteed Categories feature in our Web Filter does just that, as it allows users to easily set a threshold to begin blocking all non-critical categories. For more information on using Guaranteed Categories for online testing, view Rob’s Blog post.