Using the Browser

Once the Mobile Browser has been installed and other browsers restricted, web-browsing using the Mobile Browser will be filtered based on policy.


There are two ways to filter your devices using the Mobile Browser. If authentication is not required or desired the device will be filtered by the policy applied to the base IP range under Policies > Policy Assignments. If authentication is desired, the Enable Mobile (iPhone/iPod) Authentication check box must be checked under Properties > Content Guide. This will enforce authentication using the user’s network credentials. They will remain authenticated for one hour.


The Android Mobile Browser works very similarly to the native Android browser. Upon launch the homepage (Google by default) will load; you can navigate elsewhere type touching the URL bar at the top to display the onscreen keyboard. Additional controls are found by clicking the icon in the uppermost right-hand corner. Here you can reload, move forward and back, create new tabs, remove tabs, control bookmarks and enter the settings panel provided you have the password defined on initial launch.