Mac User Agent

(User Agents are available for download here.)

A critical factor for the efficient administration of any network is the ability to quickly and reliably identify client workstations whether reviewing their network activity in real-time reports or conducting statistical reviews. Difficulties in resolving the assigned names of a variety of workstations and operating systems often leaves many network reports lacking clear and simple identification for many devices and complicates the assignment of traffic control policies.


Nested Groups are not supported by the Mac User Agent.

Fully understanding this issue, Lightspeed Systems developed the Mac User Agent (MUA) to resolve these user identification issues.

  • Reports computer name, user name, groups, and user OU (as applicable) when bound to Active Directory, Open Directory, or Novell eDirectory (Release v3.1.2 and later) services. When no services are bound, simple machine name and simple user name are reported.
  • Computer OU and computer DN are not supported.
  • Server-side LTDP interrogation in case reporting fails.
  • Set “Preferred Directory Service” upon installation.
  • Information reported or sent in reply of LTDP interrogation is determined by the Mac UA installation setting “Preferred Directory Service”, i.e. Active Directory, Open Directory, Novell (eDirectory), or None. For OD or Novell resolution the preferred Open Directory setting must be enabled. If None is set a check occurs to see if an AD server is bound and active in Directory Services, if so, the MUA will default to AD info.
  • Reporting occurs at Startup, Logon, Logoff, and Heartbeat (every 30 minutes from MUA Startup).
  • The Mac Identification module runs transparently on the client workstation and is not visible to the user.