Thin Client Agents

(User Agents are available for download here.)


Thin Client User Agent provides filtering for Terminal/Citrix/NComputer Servers. The client is required so each individual user on the system can get the appropriate policy and reporting for their session. It requires you to point it to a Lightspeed Systems Rocket server 1.3.10 and higher.

You will need a Server Name Indication (SNI) supported browser for the local SSL decoder to successfully decode any https domains when using the Mobile Filter/Thin Client user Agent. See Selectively accessing Google Services for a list of browsers with SNI support.


You cannot use Web Zones in conjunction with Thin Client User Agent servers.

How it works

Once installed the Thin Client User Agent is able to distinguish between different user sessions so that each user on the system is able to get their correct policy from the Lightspeed Systems Rocket server as well as send the correct reporting information. It sends off each request to the Lightspeed Systems Rocket server for review to see if it should be allowed or not based on the policy being enforced on the server.


Ensure your system satisfies the Hardware and Software Requirements

Pre-Install Configuration for using TCUA with Lightspeed Systems Rocket server

Thin Client User Agent Server Configuration Options
Under Administration –> Tiered Administration –> Internal Ignore List section be sure to add the static IP address of your server that the Thin Client User Agent will be installed on to enable proper filtering and reporting. Otherwise, the server will authenticate at the bridge.

Thin Client User Agent Properties

Under Web Filter–>Mobile in the Settings section

The authentication source under the “Force registration” option is the source that the Thin Client User Agent will use.


If you do not force registration, then an authentication source is required.

Check the “Bypass on failure” option if you would like traffic to continue unfiltered if the Rocket server is unreachable.

All other policy options should work as they normally would.


Once the pre-install configuration has been completed you may proceed to install the Thin Client User Agent.

  • 1. Download the ThinClientUserAgentx86/x64 from Agents and Downloads
  • 2. Run the MSI, follow the prompts, and agree to the terms and license.
  • 3. Configure your account.
  • 4. Launch a web browser–you should now see that the Thin Client User Agent is operational.


Thin Client User Agent has an auto updater, so no manual upgrade should be required. Customer should contact support for help in using the TCUA auto updater.


Either of these processes will remove the Thin Client User Agent.

Option 1: GUI

1. Open Add or Remove Programs
2. Click Remove next to Thin Client User Agent
3. Select Yes to confirm removal.

Option 2: Command Line

Run MSIEXEC /uninstall ThinClientUserAgent(x86 or x64).msi with /passive or /quiet
Requires the ThinClientUserAgent(x86 or x64).msi to be in the same directory.


Because Thin Client users don’t have distinct IPs, the Thin Client User Agent is not compatible with fixed or open Web Zones managed through the Rocket Web Filter. The TCUA can be used with Launch Web Zones.

Archived Release Notes

Click here for a PDF archive of the Thin Client User Agent release notes.