About our Database


The Content Database is the core of the Web Filter module, and consists of millions of domains, IPs, and URLs combined, sorted into categories appropriate for education.
The Lightspeed database leverages AI, machine learning, and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorization of the Web. This means you save time not having to recategorize, and you can count on students staying safe without overblocking.
  • + AI driven Robot Army that is constantly scanning new and existing websites for malware and inappropriate content
  • + Human review team that not only verifies change requests from users but also validates the Robot Army
  • + The worldwide education community. Feedback from classrooms all over the world is sent back to our database team and processed. These changes are shared with all customers, so we are working together to create the most complete and accurate database for schools

With our dynamic database, we can update all of the Rocket Web Filters worldwide within minutes if necessary. This takes the burden of real-time scanning off your individual Rocket and moves it out to the cloud where our resources and shared customer base can all help each other.