Assignments Basics

This page opens when you navigate to Web Filter, then open the Policy Management menu and click Assignments.

This page contains a list of Policy assignments and their associated Rule Sets.

Use this page to create, view, and edit Assignments to apply a Rule Set to a user, device, or group.

With one important exception, built-in and custom Rule Sets do not take effect until you assign the Rule Set to users, groups, organizational units, or devices on your network. The exception is the Default rule set, which is the “failsafe” policy for everyone who isn’t assigned a different Rule Set.Policy Assignments are evaluated in order from top to bottom. The first one that matches the user’s authentication credentials will be used to apply the associated Rule Set. If no matches are found, the Default rule set will be applied.

Note: User OU assignments are not inherited down to users who are in lower-level OUs.