The Web Filter temporarily locks out users who persistently try to visit blocked web sites. This feature helps prevent content filter abuse. Locked out users lose their Internet access for a configurable amount of time.

Use the Lockouts report to view and manage locked-out users. An optional email can also be sent to notify an administrator that the Lockout has occurred.

Field Name Description
Block internet access for Temporarily block the user from continued web access for X number of minutes. (Maximum 60 minutes)
Alert Only To send a notification and alert, without suspending the user’s internet access, set the Block Internet Access to 0 (zero) minutes.
Tolerance A Lockout will occur when a user attempts to access a Lockout category more than X times in X seconds. (Maximum 60 seconds, default of 5 times in 60 seconds)
Email Notifications Email notifications can be sent whenever a lockout occurs. Enter one or more email addresses in this field. Separate multiple addresses with commas.
Note: The email identifies the IP address. If the locked out machine is running the User Agent, the email will also identify the logged-in user.

The following is the user view of a lockout. The lockout states Sorry, your access to the internet has been temporarily revoked. You have been identified as anonymous from (IP)