Guide to Web Zones


Web Zones are a powerful tool for balancing IT and educator administration.

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Your Internet filtering software from Lightspeed Systems includes the ability to create customized web zones. These web zones are like virtual rooms that teachers create and manage. Students can request to join these web zones by navigating to a web page in their browser. Within these zones, any teacher authorized as a web zone administrator can specify rules for what web sites the students can or cannot access. Teachers can even override existing content filter rules.

EXAMPLE: So, let’s say you were teaching a unit on how special effects are produced in movies. You may have five web sites that you would like your fifth graders to use for research, but two of them are blocked by the content filter. Instead of going to your IT staff for help, now you can take matters into your own hands and add the two sites to a web zone. Once a student has joined that web zone, the rules will now be applied to their browsing session.

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