How Lightspeed Systems Empowers Teachers to Make Tech Work for Classrooms

At Lightspeed Systems, we work hard to ensure IT teams are empowered with the latest technology in filtering, mobile device management and reporting to keep students safe on their learning journey.

But, there’s a key piece of the edtech puzzle that’s essential to managing classrooms and student learning: teachers!

This week, Teacher Appreciation Week is being celebrated in classrooms and on social media.



Lightspeed Systems thanks teachers all around the world for their critical role in setting up future generations for success. Without teachers, where would we be?

We place extreme value in the role educators play in making tech in the classroom work — that’s why Lightspeed Systems includes powerful classroom tools in every product we sell (at no additional cost). Our goal is to empower teachers to have control over their classrooms, and work closely with schools to ensure teacher needs are being met as we collaborate with IT teams to deploy 1:1 solutions.

Lightspeed Systems’ robust classroom tools allow teachers to:

– Monitor: Keep an eye on student activity with a dashboard of all screens, and drill into student behavior with zoom, record, history reports and more.
– Share: Ensure all students have access to content they need for lessons with easy sharing of links and resources, as well as student and teacher screen broadcasts.
– Focus: Lock one student or a whole class out of the internet temporarily to keep the focus on a lesson, or restrict access to select sites. Employ the “eyes up front” feature to lock a device and keep student attention on the teacher.

In addition, we enable teachers even further with Teacher Dashboard — included with all of our products as well. In the Teacher Dashboard, educators will find a clean, easy-to-use interface that allows them to:

– Manage devices and policies
– Start Web Zones to expand or restrict online access
– Safely find, add and share videos and other resources
– And much more

With these essential tools in an educator’s toolbox, how can teachers learn how to effectively use them? Teacher U on the Lightspeed Systems Community site has helpful training courses and handy downloads to educate teachers on how to use their new tools. Lessons are quick and easy to follow, and will further empower educators to use their new tech immediately.

It can be difficult to provide IT the power to set up and maintain devices while still allowing teachers to have control over their classroom instruction. We’ve been serving these needs for nearly two decades across more than 6,500 districts worldwide and understand what it takes to achieve the most well-rounded learning experiences in K12 possible today.

Learn more about our classroom tools made just for teachers, and be sure to thank the teachers in your district as well as the teachers in your family’s life for everything they do.

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