We Need You! Take This Survey to Inform Our Research and Keep Kids Safe

Over the past 20 years Lightspeed Systems has led K-12 internet filtering and device management, we’ve seen many changes. Technology and digital learning are evolving at a rapid pace.

For all of us in the Lightspeed Systems community, the safety of students is top priority. Having data on student web activity is essential for school IT and administration to monitor inappropriate, dangerous behavior.

With the release of Threat Check this month, Lightspeed will continue bringing schools important data and insights on their 1:1 deployments. We’ve also formed the Lightspeed Systems Safety Council to spark valuable conversations and learn more about IT needs to keep students safe.

But we still want your help! The Lightspeed Systems team needs your insights into school violence and how technology can prevent crises. Have you ever used data to thwart an act of violence? Do you think CIPA does enough to protect students? We want to know.

Take the survey here!

Your anonymous responses help inform our research and development into new solutions. As our way of saying “thanks,” leave your email at the end of the survey to enter to win a new Chromebook!

As a reminder, here are just five ways Lightspeed Systems Relay keeps students safe and focused on learning:

1. Threat Check: Threat Check provides schools with information that can help identify high-risk behaviors and prevent school violence, self-harm, bullying, and more.
2. Flagged Term Alerts: Customizable email notifications go to IT and administration whenever suspicious phrases are typed or appear on pages accessed by users.
3. Internet Overview Report: View essential user activity and risk factors, and securely share reports with key staff members.
4. Classroom: Help teachers monitor activity during class and surface key information. This new classroom management solution is included with Relay at no additional cost.
5. Parent Report Generator: Give parents high-level reports on their child’s device usage via automated emails.

Not a Lightspeed Systems customer? Get a Relay demo today and see why 6,500 school districts trust Lightspeed Systems to protect 25 million students.

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