What Lightspeed Systems Web Filter Does and Doesn’t Do

IT pros around the world rely on the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter. And they don’t just love it for what it does, they also love it for what it doesn’t do — what it blocks and what it doesn’t block.

  1. Web Filter doesn’t get tripped up by SSL. Too many web filters aren’t equipped to handle SSL, but Lightspeed’s Web Filter has the power to monitor user activity on secure Google searches and other secure sites.
  2. Web Filter blocks cyberbullies and graphic content. We know when students search for words and phrases relevant to cyberbullying, pornographic material and other unsafe content. We block and report it, with powerful drill-down reports to get you from the high-level to the details in just a click.
  3. Web Filter doesn’t block the sites and videos teachers approve. Over-blocking is rampant in off-the-shelf web filters, and locking students and teachers out of the resources they need inhibits learning and overwhelms IT with one-off requests. Lightspeed gives teachers features like Overrides and Web Zones so they have management they need, but IT maintains oversight and policy control.
  4. Web Filter blocks unrelated sites during tests. Keep students on task while they’re testing online. Web Filter lets IT (or teachers) block or allow sites for a given time period so state testing is secure.
  5. Web Filter doesn’t block Google apps across the board. If your district needs to allow access to Google Docs and Google Calendar but block Gmail and Google Play, it can.
  6. Web Filter blocks bad content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Lightspeed filters all your devices, no matter what platform you use, on and off the network.
  7. Web Filter doesn’t block your bandwidth. At the smallest schools and the largest districts, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter filters traffic without hindering performance.

Go here to learn more about Lightspeed Systems Web Filter — and get a demo to see what it can do for your school.

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