We’ve recently released one of the biggest updates to our Web Filtering software to date. Web Filter Longhorn (3.2.1)

Upgrading is easy! One customer said, “After 30 years of doing network migrations in the IT industry, the Longhorn upgrade was by far the easiest and most intuitive upgrade I’ve ever done. Tell the folks that put that together that they are my heroes.” Just follow the Upgrade Guide and get all the latest in Longhorn today!

Web Filter 2.x is end of support January 1, 2018. Your upgrade from 2.x to 3.x is easy and no-cost for current customers — and gives you tons of new features, great benefits, enhanced security, and ongoing support and services!

Longhorn Notable Features

Adaptive AI Database
Leverages AI, machine learning, and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorization of the Web
* AI-driven robot army
* New YouTube categorization
* Real-time updates from the cloud to Rocket
* Processing 2 million sites/day

Continuous Identity Management
Seamlessly identifies your users on and off the network, across devices and networks, for accurate policies and reports
* Seamless mobile user identification
* Mobile to network roaming user identification
* Authentication prioritization
* O365 & GAFE authentication

Dynamic Reporting Engine
Turns mass quantities of user traffic data into actionable dashboards, reports, and live activity feeds
* Real-time streaming data and alerts
* Interactive drill-down
* SSL traffic inspection and decryption
* Custom report dashboards
* Live reports

Transparent Proxy
Customizable dashboards
Authentication Method Priority
Enforce safe search on Bing
YouTube restricted mode – moderate and strict settings
A streamlined new UI

+ hundreds of additional features and fixes