Top Ten Reasons You Should Try Mobile Manager

You have devices. Now it’s time to choose a solution to help you manage them–push apps, set policies, report, and help make them powerful tools for teaching & learning. Why should you choose Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager? Well…

1. You’re a school, not a company

Schools are different from enterprises, and have different needs when it comes to managing mobile devices. Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager was made just for schools, with school needs and structures in mind.

2. You want to balance management between IT and teachers

Mobile Manager makes it easy for IT to maintain centralized control, but to push some management capabilities to teachers for their classes and groups. This is important when technology is being used in the classroom for academic purposes.

3. School-based hierarchies and inheritance

We’ve set up our Mobile Manager to match a school’s hierarchy, with smart systems to allow users and groups to inherit policies and apps based on their position in their organization’s hierarchy. This makes management easier for everyone.

4. You’re already using our Web Filter

If you’re already using our Web Filter, integrating Mobile Manager allows you to seamlessly extend a user’s filtering policies to their mobile device, whether it is on or off the network.

5. You’re already using My Big Campus

If you’re using our LMS, My Big Campus, adding Mobile Manager is a no-brainer. Through easy SIS integration, you can create all your accounts and populate your groups/classes in My Big Campus. And then they’re automatically populated and maintained in Mobile Manager, too. Plus, teachers can control device policies right within their My Big Campus groups and classes!

6. You have (or may eventually have) different devices

Mobile Manager lets you manage iOS, Mac OS, Windows 8, and Android devices distributed across your network – all from a single interface.

7. You’re doing BYOD

On student-owned devices, you’re going to have two primary concerns: pushing apps and managing policies during school hours. With Mobile Manager, you can put student-owned devices into BYOD groups, where you can have set policies for use of device features during the school day — but then use time-based policies to turn them off after school hours. You can also push apps to student devices and, through Managed Distribution, the school retains ownership of them and can revoke them from the student device at any time.

8. You want to leverage the cloud

Mobile Manager is a cloud-based solution, accessible from anywhere. You can manage devices, set policies, and push apps over the air with ease.

9. It’s just so easy

Take a look at this clean interface. IT and teachers can manage with a simple interface and control powerful policies, features and apps with just a click.


10. We’re here to help

Along with our products, we offer unparalleled support and services. From implementation to training to ongoing 24/7/365 support, our team is committed to helping schools use technology and we are here to help whenever you need us.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have had to say:

“Brilliant and so straightforward.”
“It is very user friendly. I gave my teacher a 10 minute overview…and she is doing very well!”
“We wanted a product, and a company, that understands education. Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager is perfect.”
“I love the fact that it ties in with My Big Campus so all students are already in the service as well as the classes. HUGE time saver.”
“With such easy management, we can forget the technology and focus on the teaching & learning.”
“Once I have pushed the 1st profile out, I never have to use Configurator again. That is WONDERFUL.”
“It’s simplified my life!”

Chances are, the number of mobile devices on your network is only going to grow, so now is the time to get a MDM solution in place.

Learn more about Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager and get a personalized demo today.

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