Release Notes: Relay: August 1, 2017

Relay has been updated today!


  • Smart Play (Beta) categorization has been added to Internet Access > Video Rules ; Smart Play is an education-focused, machine-learning categorization of videos that allows educational videos and always blocks adult videos.
    Learn more about: Smart Play (Internet Access > Video Rules)
  • After School Rules (Beta): After School Rules have been added to the Internet Access section of Relay. These rules will be applied in place of the default rules, based on scheduling or IP range.
    Learn more about: After School Rules (Internet Access > After School Rules)
  • Internet Access > Video Rules policies now show inheritance, and allow settings to be locked.
  • Video Rules > YouTube Controls, now have the option to Hide Thumbnails and to Hide a Channel’s Featured Video.
  • Video Rules > YouTube Controls > Hide Comments, will now also block the ‘Discussions’ section of a channel.
  • Video Rules > Custom Allow / Block Lists can now have ‘User’ channels added.
  • A Website Checker has been added to the Video Rules page; additionally, entering a YouTube URL into the Default Rules > Website Checker will provide you with a link to the Video Rules page.
  • Within the User Details section, the Groups listed will now be hyperlinked and will display a breadcrumb of the groups path.


  • The block page URL will no longer be added to a user’s Website History
  • When enabling Filter and Report on Chromebooks only, the Chrome browser will now no longer hide comments or sidebars on YouTube videos.
  • An issue with Google Drive (SAAS-549) that stated that ‘The Server has encountered an error’ has been fixed.

Please note that the Relay extension (2.0.81) can take up to two hours to update automatically (