Join the Filtering Revolution! Get Relay for Every OS Now

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After months of testing, pilot studies, and rigorous feedback processes, Relay‘s Smart Agents are here! We’re happy to announce Smart Agents for Windows, Mac and iOS are in general release.

This means you can deploy Smart Agents to your Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome devices now. The best part? Because Relay lives in the cloud, school districts can set it up quickly — in as few as 15 minutes.

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How to Easily Decrypt SSL on Any Device

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Hate setting up proxy servers, trust certificates, or PAC files for SSL decryption? You’re not alone; SSL decryption is a time-consuming, costly process.

Unfortunately, schools can’t afford to not get full reporting on HTTPS traffic. More than half of all websites are encrypted, including Google and YouTube. It’s critical for schools to decrypt this traffic in order to set filtering policies and get accurate reports on student activity.

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Update on Google Encrypted Services

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Note: The original post has been modified to reflect the latest information and status from our conversations with Google.

Disclaimer: this is a long post, but filtering and accessing Google services is a top concern for our customers, so I wanted to explain things clearly and in detail.

Google is actively moving all of its services to being delivered over a fully encrypted (https) connection. Many of these services have been encrypted for some time and we have made it a priority to work with Google to help them move these services to encrypted connections in a way that allows schools the effective web filtering they need. While we work with Google to create these solutions, we have added features to the Web Filter to work around the issue. One example of this is the failsafe feature that is an option in our Web Filter policies.

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