Rocket Web Filter: Why You Should Use the Latest Version

We released our Rocket Web Filter version 2.10 a couple of weeks ago and it’s already running in thousands of districts. It has a lot of new and improved features, so I encourage all customers to update if you haven’t already.

Not sure what version you are running? In your Rocket console, go to Administration > Software Updates to see what version you’re running and make sure you’re on the latest (2.10.0).

Here are just some of the things customers on Rocket Web Filter 2.10 are enjoying:

  • WCCP support for real-time SSL decryption without PAC files
  • New reports, like Traffic by Category and Traffic by User
  • Drill-down reporting
  • Enhanced network traffic reports
  • Alert only option for lock-outs
  • Single sign-on for Chromebooks
  • SSL self-service portal for easy distribution of SSL certificates to any OS
  • Dozens of bug fixes and other enhancements

In addition to these 2.10 features, version 2.9 (released in January) and version 2.8 (released in October 2014) brought Google/YouTube safety mode, simplified PAC file hosting, role-based administration, guaranteed categories (perfect for state testing!), summarize options in reports, searching for email patterns, the ability to comment on local categorizations, and hundreds of usability and performance enhancements.

Learn more about the latest features in our Release Center
And contact Support if you need assistance with your update or any other issues

We’ve been listening, and this latest 2.10 release brings a lot of the features and functionality you’ve been asking for. We’re excited to bring you even more with our 3.0 release in the fall!

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