Lightspeed Systems Threat Check Arms Schools — With Data and Insights — to Keep Students Safe

We’ve had a lot of big moments and big releases in my nine years with Lightspeed Systems, but Wednesday was the biggest. We announced Lightspeed Systems Threat Check, a tool that means a lot to all of us — as parents, as employees, and as people. We have to be equipped to better identify and prevent the next crisis before more lives are lost as a result of gun violence, bullying and self-harm.

Threat Check is a new tool coming to Relay to help keep students safe not just online, but offline, too.

Relay is our cloud filtering solution. Through smart agents on devices, it helps schools block inappropriate content and allow educational content. But reporting and data are just as important to filtering as those policy decisions. Relay sees all of a student’s web activity — and students use their devices a lot.

That means Relay knows what sites students visit, their social media interests, their searches, the videos they watch, and more. Through our adaptive AI database (that organizes basically all of the Web into specific categories), we also know what blocked sites students try to visit — and we know if those sites are violent, extremist, illicit, or associated with weapons.

With this information and some advanced machine learning, we’ve built models of typical student behavior, broken down by age group and geography. Knowing what’s typical helps us spot what’s not.

Threat Check will allow schools to incorporate information about offline concerns, as well. With this holistic view of student behavior, this feature will deliver trend reports, individual risk scores, timelines, and real-time alerts.

With Threat Check, we’ll arm schools — with actionable information and insights they can use to keep students safe.

You can learn more here about Threat Check here.

We’re partnering with schools around the country to use web filtering in a whole new way!

Here’s what some of the first members of Lightspeed’s new Safety Council have to say about Threat Check and student safety:

“I’m very excited about these new features to help us with a significant and growing issue for district- and school-level administration. Having this information can help us to mentor students as well as have preemptive understanding. Thanks for continuing to grow our partnership to keep our students safe!” —Pete Just, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, MSD of Wayne Township

“I believe that the more quickly we can respond to student threats, students in distress, and potential bullying, the better we can fulfill our mission of serving the best interest of students. I truly believe that as our tools improve, we will be better enabled to provide services to children in need who either know and don’t know how to ask for help or who don’t realize that they need to ask for help. It is our duty to protect the children under our care from the harms that they don’t truly understand. The increased exposure to data in a 24/7 world has provided many advantages that their predecessors did not have, however it has also created a lack of awareness of harm due in large part to immersion. I continue to hope that tools such as Relay will allow us to discover and intervene before a student makes a life-altering decision.” —Jeffrey Alt, Director of Technology, Freeburg Community High School

“I’m very interested in helping with the development and use of any tool that can help keep our kids safe.” —Jeff Rogers, Technology Director, Chisum Independent School District

Relay gives schools more information than ever before — and it keeps getting better. If you’re not using it yet, request a demo to see how it can help your schools.

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